What We Do

The service we provide is completely free. We receive referrals from social workers and similar professionals and match those with individuals and groups from local churches who offer their time, skills, money or things to help people in need.

Poverty, isolation, abuse, ill health, injustice, homelessness: we all see the sharp inequalities of life around us and the devastating impacts they have on people's lives.

Many of us want to do something, to get involved but we don't always know how to.The Besom exists to help you make a difference to the lives of others and to make it easy for you to do so.

The aim behind all Besoms is that everyone can get involved. By giving your time, money, things or skills you can help those who are in real need and make a long term positive difference to their lives.

Besom is a fantastic opportunity to serve your community in a really practical way. I love that service is so simple yet such a massive blessing to those you are willing to help. The lady whose living room we painted was so appreciative of the work we were able to do for her, which she just would never have been able to do for herself. Not only were we able to go and bless her but we came away feeling totally blessed ourselves. - Lizzie - a timegiver

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