New Dad Delight

One day Joy was doing a Besom assessment for a young couple who had just had a baby. Mum was still in hospital and due out that day. Dad was a little late but Joy waited with the worker until he arrived. Dad had come back to the house straight from the hospital for the assessment. He had come to collect some things for bringing his partner and baby home. He was very anxious and dashed around the sparsely furnished house looking in drawers and pulling things out. Eventually he sat down and noticed the large hamper – tailored for them – that Joy had put on the table. With great excitement he started unpacking the hamper. He took out a small knitted cardigan, blanket for the baby a to come home with plus some chocolates for mum, and added them to his bag.

After the assessment, Joy checked with the worker that it was ok to offer him a lift to the hospital to which he was delighted. He and Joy talked babies all the way to the hospital and he was visibly more relaxed when they arrived. Please pray for this new family and that God will provide all their needs.