May 2021

More White Goods – Yippee

We are very grateful for the giver who gave us money with the specific request to buy white goods on their behalf for people in need. We were able to purchase two fridges, eight microwaves, eight toasters and eight kettles. We are looking forward to letting the giver know how their money has been spent. They will really bless many people in Sheffield who are setting up home for the first time.

We Pray For Many Things

We pray for many things. Sometimes its for ‘time’ to match church groups with project referrals. Sometimes its for ‘things’ to match items offered such as good quality furniture to referrals but rarely do we pray for money. However God always knows what the need is. Recently we were praying for washers, cookers and fridge freezers, which we received but as well received around £1500 with the request to buy ‘white goods’ with it. Thank you Lord.