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Stairgates and Samosas

I saw the van crew off this morning for what looked a fairly easy day. All they had on the list was a small DIY job fixing a stair gate and a couple of simple deliveries. It turned out that the stairgate was the most complex design possible and took them over three hours to erect and fix. On the plus side they were treated to home made bhajis and samosas with an amazing dipping sauce. The crew sensed the lady would like prayer and when asked she told them that she would like them to pray for one of her children who had died at an early age. We pray for an opportunity to show love and compassion to those living on the margins – well done guys.

A Bursting Heart

On Monday, Jayne, the leader of Restore at St Thomas Philadelphia was praying for one of the vulnerable members of Streetwise (a service for the marginalised) that they would receive a double bed. On Tuesday another member of Streetwise told her that he had a double bed that he needed to pass on.  Jayne rang us and asked if we could collect and deliver it for them. On Friday we did the deed and i texted Jayne to let her know. Her response was “My heart could burst. There is such a story to this. Its a little story but its so significant” Thank You.