For Referrers

If you are a social worker, probation officer, tenancy support officer or similar and you feel we may be able to help your client then please fill in a referral form. You will be able to do this by clicking on the ‘Referral Form’ button below. We don’t have any staff of our own but depend on volunteers from local churches, giving their time to help those in need. Generally referrals fall into two categories – Giving Things and Giving Time/Skills. 

If you would like to talk with us about either making a referral or an update on an existing referral please ring 07536994820

Giving Things

Once a referral is received we will contact you to let you know that we have received it, and to ensure that we have all the details that we need. In order to offer the best service we can we give priority to referrals where we are able to undertake a joint assessment with you in your client’s home. If this is not possible, because you are office based, or the referral is only for a few items then we will still accept the referral and do the best we can. In either case experience suggest that the life span of a referral is about twelve weeks. 

Giving Time/Skills

This is usually gardening or decorating. We do not have any staff of our own but depend on people offering their time to help people in need. When a group comes forward to offer time we match the skills they can offer against the referrals that we already have on file.  Because each project is different and requires different skill sets it can take quite a while for the right group to come forward so we keep the referral live for a year. Once we have matched a group to the referral we will contact you to arrange a joint assessment in the recipients home.

Everyone who gives time through the Besom has a character reference from their church leader, and is not able to start with us until we are satisfied that they are the right person for the task that they are offering to do.

A copy of our Referral Form is available in Microsoft Word by clicking on the button below.