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The Return Of Brian

It’s great to welcome back Brian, our longest serving timegiver, who has been off for a few months with a broken hand. It’s good to see him serving once again.

More White Goods – Yippee

We are very grateful for the giver who gave us money with the specific request to buy white goods on their behalf for people in need. We were able to purchase two fridges, eight microwaves, eight toasters and eight kettles. We are looking forward to letting the giver know how their money has been spent. They will really bless many people in Sheffield who are setting up home for the first time.

We Pray For Many Things

We pray for many things. Sometimes its for ‘time’ to match church groups with project referrals. Sometimes its for ‘things’ to match items offered such as good quality furniture to referrals but rarely do we pray for money. However God always knows what the need is. Recently we were praying for washers, cookers and fridge freezers, which we received but as well received around ¬£1500 with the request to buy ‘white goods’ with it. Thank you Lord.

Thank You

Thank you so much for providing for the family. Our staff were completely overwhelmed by the Besom and the generosity of people. Two of the staff told me they were reduced to tears on Friday by your kindness after a very difficult week. Thank you for being such a blessing.

They are smiling – honest

How gorgeous do some of our Thursday crew look sporting their new Christmas masks. The Thursday crew sort, clean and pack smaller household items such as pots, pans, cutlery, bedding and curtains and deliver them as well. They are also really looking forward to delivering the Christmas hampers which will go out in the next few weeks.

Wardrobes are like buses

Wardrobes are like buses – you don’t see one for ages and then five come along at once, and yes they are smiling under those masks.

You Might Wonder Why

We were asked to provide a sofa bed for a lady who was coming out of hospital and needed a sofa bed for her carer as she was getting 24 hour care. We had one in stock which we were praying about a home for when the referral arrived. When we arrived at the house the room was not ready so we sat on the sofa bed in the sunshine until it was safe to go in. Fortunately it was a lightweight sofa bed and not one of those metal framed ‘weighs a ton’ versions. You might wonder why most of the photos on here are of Joy and I. The reason is that Joy and I because we live in the same house can deliver but not need to… Read More »You Might Wonder Why

Its The Little Things

It is often not the large things that make a big impact on people but the smaller ones. A family, who regularly give to those living on the margins through Besom, buy a number of food and luxury items when they go shopping. Every couple of weeks they ring us and say “we have another one for you”. The hamper is so full of tins, packets¬† of food and luxury items that it takes a hugh effort to bring it into the house. This is a great way for families, small groups and similar to get together and bless those in need. Do be in touch if we can assist you in helping you to give to those in need . Our website is and all our contact details… Read More »Its The Little Things

New Dad Delight

One day Joy was doing a Besom assessment for a young couple who had just had a baby. Mum was still in hospital and due out that day. Dad was a little late but Joy waited with the worker until he arrived. Dad had come back to the house straight from the hospital for the assessment. He had come to collect some things for bringing his partner and baby home. He was very anxious and dashed around the sparsely furnished house looking in drawers and pulling things out. Eventually he sat down and noticed the large hamper – tailored for them – that Joy had put on the table. With great excitement he started unpacking the hamper. He took out a small knitted cardigan, blanket for the baby a to… Read More »New Dad Delight

Sparkling Freezer

Nearly four weeks of lockdown and Besom is still going strong. We will be delivering this later (fully complying with government regulations and best available safety advice). The recipient is so excited to be receiving it.